Friday, November 20, 2009

Market Research

The poor man’s product testing site: Café Press. Well, and Zazzle, Printfection, etc. For a while now, I’ve been putting designs up on Café Press to see if there was enough interest to rate screening them up. If I have designs I’m certain of, we go straight to screening, but for designs I’m less sure of or want to experiment with, it’s a way to do that for free and maybe even make a little bit.

Freddy has had a couple of ideas that I really haven’t been too sure about. He has good ideas and they are funny, but I’m not a fan of, um, bathroom humor. So today we set up a Café Press shop for Freddy. We quickly put together a few of his ideas for shirt designs and I drew up a logo and, viola! Market Research.

The design he is most delighted with is a silly one for shirts and boxer shorts that would seem to be a "male thing."

But Freddy's nephew came over this evening and he already wants to order one. So what the heck do I know?